Not every marketing company offers video marketing because it can become complex and mostly not really affordable. but I want to show you a virtually free video marketing strategy you can implement in your business today that can start generating you clients in little as 24 hours from now

So for this example we are going to use one of our clients that agreed to let us use there portfolio and there website


The company we want to introduce to you that has already gone through this process is Orlando Exotic Car Rentals they are a great company and they are getting many calls from this silly little video that we put up for them on there youtube channel take a look if you don’t believe us

yes its that simple now if you were to look for exotic car rentals in orlando this would pop up and guess what people actually call the number and we have prof

so this month we have already gotten 1 call and this video was already up for a week not to mention its crazy simple video

if that client booked a car that would be easily 1k for the business owner right there

Exotic cars are a very weird niche to be doing stuff like this for becuase it has to show the bright side of things because these are very expensive looking cars and they need some attention and they love attention

One way we have used youtube in the past is simply putting up a big youtube vlogs  every week and the number of calls increase if your in a low competitive area and boom, you get whats the

simple as that…

so what do you need to do to implement this video marketing strategy in your business

its simple

first make a youtube channel for you business name

Next upload a video titles exactly what the client would be looking for in this case it would be Exotic Car Rentals in Orlando and put your number after that

Next hit publish and boom

sometimes the video doesn’t show up in the first page but thats alright because it takes time and you could also put up another video later to add more power to your site

Simple right?

Put up a video with the correct search terms and boom

Hope you enjoy that and use it to get more cleints for your local business



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